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Drum Roll Please!

We Have Winners!

The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative is delighted to announce the winners of prizes in our Transformation Show. There were 170 entries submitted, 57 were accepted by juror Francoise McAree and four artists were chosen for prizes of $1000, $500, $250 and $100.

Patrick Steele is the First Place winner with his painting "Salt Dock, Charlestown." It presents two views of an industrial building under the Tobin Bridge. Patrick used the bottom of a reclaimed door as the support to use its mass in service to the scenes. He is an admirer of the work of Charles Sheeler that feature steel mills in Erie, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Second Place has been awarded to Noah Olsen for his self-portrait called "Overgrown" which combines his own image with that of an abandoned building that trees and vines have dismantled and claimed. His recent work has been a series of paintings that study the transiency of life. Due to the losses of his mother and grandfather, he sees death in a different light than many people. His work explores how birth, life and death are interconnected, intentionally blurring their boundaries.

Kelly Lee has been awarded Third Place for her diptych "I Am Not a Teacher." She says "In my piece presented here I express the intense anxiety and sleepless nights I experienced as a new educator... This pair of paintings marks my initiation into the world of education, at the beginning of a difficult journey to relate to myself and others in a more compassionate way."

                                 A. Bones                                                                     B. Skin

And last, but certainly not least, Honorable Mention goes to Deborah Baldizar for her ceramic piece "Ubuntu." Of it, Deborah says "The African way of Ubuntu means, 'I am, because you are.' ... Like trees that grow around, in and through each other, who lean on and create shade for one another, I try to remember that I both need help and can provide it. When I am present, and acknowledge a connection to all those around me, I feel transformed."

Congratulations to Patrick, Noah, Kelly and Deborah for their achievements. We hope that you will enjoy their work in person as well as through our website.

While the gallery will not be open during formerly scheduled hours, visitors can contact David at to arrange a visit. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. Transformation runs from April 22 through June 3.

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